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What is natural beauty

Natural beauty is the enjoyment of mysterious attraction, luscious, has no explanation or limitation appears in our entire appearance and our actions and our feelings and the way we deal with others so getting natural beauty is not only by putting beautiful lipstick on our lips to make it attractive and exciting and not to put dark "mascara" Our cilia to make our eyes look gorgeous and seductive and does not show the skin soft and dyed from the influence of the sun, which everyone wants to the extreme Having natural beauty simply means being human at all levels. 
We mean that when we say this human has natural beauty or he is beautiful because he has that special gift of being beautiful from the inside which is reflected naturally on his external appearance and although only a few people are born with this divine gift The individual is a human being in every sense of the word, giving and loving. I strongly believe that this is not the end of it. 
Each of us - we humans - can have this grace if his will is strong and so we can all give and share our human feelings by following natural methods. Just as it is simple and easy to nourish and care for our soul, the same method can be followed to nourish our external appearance (skin) From the above we can understand that natural beauty is actually this wonderful feeling that radiates from within us and then reflected on our external appearance ie the face, hair, hands, body, movements, internal reactions, behaviors and senses on our whole existence in general.


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