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Makeup foundation tutorial

Beautiful makeup requires the perfect makeup foundation.


Foundation creates a blank layer on the face to which colors is added: eye shadow, blush & lipstick.


The foundation needs to blend seamlessly with the skin It adds a layer for these products acting as a barrier between the color & the skin’s own natural oils, which would otherwise dissolve the makeup.



Makeup Foundations for differing Skin Types


Oily Skin


Most of the oily skin is shiny, an oil-free formulation will hinder the production of excess oil, and most contain extra powder particles to dry any oil produced.



Normal Skin


Normal skin can use much any formulation, but a liquid will give ample coverage without looking heavy or caked. Dry skin needs makeup foundation with extra moisturizers to keep it supple, and to prevent the skin from drinking in the makeup.


Foundation Colors



After holidays or morning after self-tanning applications are not the best time.


Basically, foundation color falls into two categories;


1- Foundation bases with yellow tones

2- Foundation bases with pink tones


No matter how you apply it The most common yellow-toned skin types are Asian, sallow and black skin, whereas fair skin has generally had pink tones.


The makeup will not blend well It is if not choose a foundation that matches your skin’s base.


Applying makeup foundations



Oily Skin


It should Use oil-free formulas, as they dry speedily. Using clean fingers to apply small doses to the areas most in need of coverage is the best way; simply do each area at a time until the face is complete.


Normal Skin


How much time you spend applying the foundation for normal skin, can change by choice of cream-to-powder liquid or powder foundation it.


Using liquid foundation: looks more natural applied with a foundation brush. taking care to use less around the eye area and try again work the brush outwards.


Using Cream-to-powder: is best applied with a sponge, starting in the center of the face and working outwards; it's done in a matter of moments.


You should be applied with a large powder brush if you use Powder or mineral makeup foundation; while it will not give the same level of coverage as a liquid.


Dry Skin


With a little goes a long way. the cream foundation moves well around the face.


leave clear areas bare this is why getting the right color match is vital and concentrate on areas that need coverage. to avoid the blemishes




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