10 home remedies to treat dark circles overnight

10 home remedies to treat dark circles overnight


  • Dark circles:

The problem of dark circles that appear under the eye spread among different age groups regardless of gender due to several reasons, and often cause this problem of loss of self-confidence, which causes permanent concern. There are many ways to treat dark circles between those available in pharmacies and those available at home, but the majority prefer to use home remedies as they are safe and less expensive than pharmaceuticals.


  • The reasons for the appearance of dark circles:


There are several reasons for the appearance of dark circles, including


-Staying up for long periods of time and not getting enough rest.

-The presence of an immune defect that leads to allergies and the appearance of dark circles.  

- Use your computer for a long time without resting your eye.
- Genetic factors and family history with dark circles.
- The pre-menstrual period in women.
- Kidney disease.
- Aging.
- Hormonal disorder.

-Excessive smoking.


  • Eliminate dark circles and remove them completely:


Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes is an urgent need for all women, due to the annoying shape and negative impact on the eyes and the beauty of the facial skin as a whole.
We will give you the fastest natural recipes to eliminate dark circles, and then you will never need not to hide the cream dark circles that tires your skin or to try medical creams that cost you a lot of money, which are summarized in the following recipes: 


  1. Rosewater:

  It is recommended to use rose water daily on the skin, whether found dark circles or not, it gives the skin shine and shine strikingly.

 And its method is:  used cool by dipping a piece of cotton in it and then placed on the eye and leave a quarter of an hour before the face is washed.


  1. Tomatoes and Lemon: 

If you want to get rid of dark circles very quickly follow this recipe; 

How to prepare:  By mixing a teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice; it is left under the eye to dry completely and then removed with water.

  1. Almond oil: 

Almond oil has been used since ancient times in the treatment of dark spots and dark circles as a result of its effectiveness in eliminating them quickly and definitively, And its method is:  used before bedtime after washing the face with soap and water by submerging a piece of cotton in almond oil and then passed on dark circles.


  1. Tea bags: 

Black tea is one of the best ways to treat dark circles and give the eye a special luster and glow.

And its method is:  used after the tea bag in hot water and left to cool slightly, then put directly on the eye and leave for five minutes, and get amazing results Stay this way for a week.


  1. Potatoes: 

Potatoes contribute amazingly to the removal of dark circles under the eye from the first use.

How to prepare:  They can be placed directly under the eye after cutting in the form of slices, preferably that the potatoes are cold and placed in the refrigerator before being used.


  1. The milk: 

Milk contains lactic acid, which helps soften and moisturize the skin under the eyes. Milk also contains the protein, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants required to strengthen and heal damaged skin. Cold milk can be used to treat dark circles and reduce eye puffiness as follows: 

How to prepare:  Soak cotton in the cooled milk in the refrigerator for at least an hour, then Put cotton under the eyes and leave it warm. Repeat this treatment three or four times a day for a few weeks.


  1. Cucumber: 

Cucumber helps lighten the skin because it contains the properties of the drug holding, and also helps to treat dark circles under the eyes naturally. In addition, it has a refreshing and comfortable effect. 

 Method one:  Ingredients:  1 tablet of fresh cucumber.  

 How to prepare:  Cut the cucumber into fish slices, then put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Place the slices on the affected area for 10 minutes, then wash them with cold water. Repeat this process twice daily for a week, or two weeks. 

Method two:  Ingredients:  The amount of cucumber juice. The amount of lemon juice. A piece of cotton. 

How to prepare:  Mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal amounts. Apply the mixture to the skin with a cotton swab for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.


  1. Coconut Oil:  

Coconut oil helps to moisturize thin and soft skin under the eyes, which reduces the appearance of dark circles, and gives positive results in a few days; because coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin.

Ingredients:  The amount of coconut oil. 

How to prepare:  Put a little coconut oil under the eyes, then massage the area in circular motions. Keep the oil overnight, then wash it with warm water the next day. Repeat this process daily for a week.


  1. Apples: 

Apple helps lighten and nourish the skin because it contains vitamins B and C, potassium and many other properties. 

How to prepare:  Cut a ripe apple into pieces and place it around your eyes for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Use this method regularly to get rid of dark circles within a short time.


  1. Mint leaves and ice:

  The mixture of mint leaves and ice reduces wrinkles and dark circles. And its method is Ingredients:  Mint leaves. ice cubes.

 How to prepare: Mint leaves are ground and applied to the area for 15-20 minutes. Wash with pure water. Apply ice cubes to the eyes.



  • LizReviews
    LizReviews 3/2/2020 11:58:41 AM Replay

    These all are best remedies to treat dark circles. I have used potato slices to treat under eyes area. It has many essential nutrients and antioxidant property which help to lighten the dark circles. Thanks for sharing.

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