The secrets of the beauty of the Ottoman sultans

The secrets of the beauty of the Ottoman sultans

Every princess and queen has secrets. Today we will talk about the secret of the beauty of the sultans and the Ottoman princesses. The secrets of beauty were carried from generation to generation and from culture to culture until it reached the Ottoman era to find it in the hands of the Ottoman sultans. The following is a summary of the most important secrets of the Ottoman sultans: 

• Natural soap: 

In the development of natural soap in that era, the Ottoman Empire took great interest in it, given the importance of the culture of hygiene at the time. The soap was thawed after being sent to the palace and then added perfume and aroma as desired by each person.

• Wild baker flowers:

Wild bakeries were used to resist the effect of soap on hair, causing its roughness. Wild bakers were constantly sent to the palace for cosmetic and personal hygiene. The mixture was similar to the existing hair creams, but they are quite different from being 100% natural. 

• Ottoman pigeon culture: 

Burlap sachets are used in Ottoman baths to get rid of dead skin residues, because of their effective role in accelerating the wrinkling of the skin by water. Natural oils produced from wild plant extracts were then used to obtain smooth and wonderful skin, protecting it from dryness and external influences.

• Rosewater to soften the skin:

Hundreds of tons of rose water were used annually in Ottoman palaces and were used to clean and moisturize the skin and resist dehydration, in addition to the use of rose water in alternative psychiatry to treat Psychiatric and neurological diseases. 

• The lemon secret of Ottoman beauty:

Lemon is another secret of Ottoman beauty. Lemon contains some elements and antiseptic therapeutic properties. It is also used to nourish mankind and treat superficial wounds, through the therapeutic properties of the sugars it contains.
As well as the Ottomans used lemon as a bleach for the skin to lighten the face and hands. One of the characteristics of beauty in the Ottoman Empire was that the woman was white with black hair. Light-haired women were unpopular among men.

• Natural oils:

Women were keen to use different types of natural oils, especially olive oil, where they used to use it on their entire bodies, especially hands, legs, and nails.

These are the secrets used by the sultans and princesses, which have a more brilliant and beautiful beauty in the eyes of everyone. They have preserved their beauty with the simple natural mixes that I have given today among our dear ladies. 


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