How do you treat your cracked lips naturally

How do you treat your cracked lips naturally

When your lips are inflamed, red and cracked, with any smile - no matter how small it - can make the cracks worse, so bring back the pink color of your lips by following these tips that will bring smiles to your face.

Lips are affected by extreme heat and cold, but there is another reason other than cold and heat is the lack of vitamin B2 This vitamin is important in the growth of cells and helps to absorb iron and its metabolism and metabolism inside the body.


• The first step in the care of your lips is to stay away from inappropriate lipstick, especially as it has recently spread in the beauty markets Chinese products cause chapped lips and inflammation, and when choosing your lipstick preferably contain vitamin C.


• To treat chapped lips with moisturizers, there is cocoa butter found in pharmacies. It is a pen that permanently moisturizes your lips so you can always carry it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. The use of natural olive oil is a quick remedy for cracked lips.
Avoid sucking or biting your lips and removing the skin with your fingers or teeth. This will irritate the skin and slow down your treatment.


• Drink plenty of fluids:  If you drink too much in the winter, moisturize your lips from inside your body, and drink a glass of water every few hours. As you age, your body's cells are less able to retain moisture. One way to help fight your lips dry in winter is to regulate the humidity in your home and workplace.


• Now it's your appointment with natural cure recipes, first honey peeled:
The importance of exfoliating lips is to get rid of dead skin safely.


- Teaspoon of white honey
- Teaspoon chemical yeast
- olive oil



- Mix the honey with the yeast until the mixture is paste.
- put the mixture on your lips and leave it for two minutes.
- Rub your lips gently.
- Wash with warm water.
- Let your lips dry and then apply a tinge of olive oil.
- Repeat this recipe once a week.


Honey Moisturizer:

This is one of the best moisturizers you can make at home and keep your lips beautiful.

- Tablespoon honey bees.

- Half tablespoon honey wax.

- 2 tablespoons almond oil.


- Dissolve the cream by melting the honey with beeswax, then add the almond oil and put it in a container with a tight lid and mix well, and use it daily in the evening on the lips.


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