Origins of dry nail care

Origins of dry nail care

• Origins of dry nail care:

Dry nails indicate a certain health problem. Dry nails are often a direct result of undernutrition or improper and balanced nutrition. To learn more about the origins of dry nail care, we show you the reasons and solutions in this comprehensive report:
At first, it should be remembered that nails not only reflect the femininity of the hands but also indicate the health of the body. If the body has any problems whether, in terms of unbalanced nutrition or hormonal disorders or other problems, the nails will tell us about it!                                                                       It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the health of nails not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons.


• The main causes of dry nails:


- Many people often think that dry nails mean water shortages, but this is not true. Dry nails are a phenomenon that usually occurs when the body does not produce enough (sebum), a fatty substance, which ensures the natural hydration of the skin.

- The second main reason for nail dryness is the continued use of solvents that damage the nails. The alcohol content in nail solvents destroys sebum found in the natural nail. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to apply nail solvents containing alcohol on dry nails!

- The third reason for dry nails is the regular use of chemicals, whether detergents or disinfectants.

- The fourth reason is a diet that does not contain enough fatty acids.

- The fifth reason, is the incidence of some diseases, including an imbalance in the work of the thyroid gland.


That is why you should pay attention to your nails and make them in your daily routine care list.


• How to care and lengthen nails, general tips for nail care and lengthening

There are many things to do to ensure that you care for your nails and stimulate their growth, including:

            •           Take biotin supplements.

            •           Many foods that are rich in vitamin B7 help stimulate, grow and strengthen nails. There are many foods that are high in this vitamin, including barley, corn, egg yolk, milk, avocado, broccoli, Cheese, fish, chicken.

            •           Reduce the exposure of the nails to water.

            •           Avoid exposing nails to harmful detergents and other chemicals.

            •           Excessive exposure of the body to a warm climate.

            •           Chill the nails one way once a week, or each time you break or peel.

            •           Chill the nails ovally; they stay stronger like this.

            •           Daily moisturizing nails.

            •           Stop biting nails.

            •           Apply a layer of colored or unpainted nail polish as it provides a protective layer of nails and strengthens them.


• Natural recipes for nail care and lengthening

There are many natural recipes that help to take care of nails and stimulate their growth, including:

            •           Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps to promote the health of the nails because it contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the nails, which moisturize and strengthen effectively, in addition, coconut oil contributes significantly to the treatment of many problems that may be exposed to nails, Such as infections, or fungi. The method is:



            •           A quarter cup of coconut oil.

            •           A quarter cup of honey.

            •           Four drops of rosemary oil.


How to prepare:

            •           Mix all the ingredients well.

            •           Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds.

            •           Immerse the nails in this mixture for 15 minutes. Repeat this recipe once, or twice a week.

Note: Hands and nails can be massaged with warm coconut oil in the form of circular motions to stimulate blood circulation. This recipe is repeated only once a day before going to sleep.

            •           Orange juice:  Orange juice contains very large amounts of vitamin C, which in turn encourages the production of collagen, and thus makes the nails healthy, strong, in addition to vitamin C, the orange juice also contains folic acid which helps significantly Nail growth, lengthening. And the method is:



            •           The amount of fresh orange juice.


How to prepare:

            •           Soak nails in orange juice for at least 10 minutes.

            •           Nails are washed with warm water and dried.

            •           Apply a type of moisturizing cream to the nails.

            •           Repeat this recipe only once a day to get the desired result.




            •           Flaxseed oil:  Flaxseed oil is one of the recipes effective in stimulating the growth of nails, and care; because it contains very large amounts of fatty acid Omega 3, as it contains other nutrients such as Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, zinc, and protein, all of which are essential for promoting healthy nails, and flaxseed oil helps to treat nail problems such as breakage, dryness, and fragility. And the method is:



            •           An adequate amount of flaxseed oil.


How to prepare:

            •           Rub the nails with a flaxseed oil well for a few minutes.

            •           To keep moisture in your nails, wear a few hours of gloves.

            •            Repeat this recipe once, or twice daily.


Factors affecting nail growth

There are several factors affected by nails, which lead to their growth slower, or faster than the general rate of normal gr



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