olive oil for hair

olive oil for hair

• olive oil for hair

  Olive oil is a natural oil that has many therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. It is used internally by adding it to various foods, and externally using it as hair and skin fats. Olive oil treats a lot of hair problems. Therefore, the olive oil bath is used as an alternative natural treatment for chemical hair creams.

The benefits of olive oil for hair

-  It treats dandruff, moisturizes the scalp, cures dryness and cracks. Olive oil can be mixed with lemon and rubbed with scalp before bathing for quick results.


-  Treatment of broken hair and damaged hair as a result of the use of dyes and chemicals, nourish the roots of the hair and regenerate the cells of the scalp, which helps to moisturize and soften the hair and strengthen.


-  It is used as an alternative to artificial conditioner, where it moisturizes the hair and gives it a shiny appearance, and facilitates the process of combing, by applying a little olive oil to the hair after bathing.


-  Olive oil contains antioxidants, vitamins A and Vitamin E, which stimulate the production of keratin and protect it from damage.


 Ways to use olive oil for hair

It is possible to use olive oil on the hair without adding other ingredients, it can also be used with natural blends to treat hair, and we will mention two ways to use olive oil for hair:


• Olive oil bath for dry and brittle hair

- Prepare half a cup of virgin olive oil (cold-pressed oil is preferred).


- Place the olive oil in a heat-resistant container, place it in a water bath, and leave it for only 20 to 30 seconds until the oil is warm.

- Place a piece of fabric on the shoulders so that the oil does not stain clothes.

- We start by taking a small amount of oil and hair with it, then massage the scalp with light circular motions, and spread the oil on the hair from roots to ends.

- Cover the hair with a plastic hair bag and then cover it with a damp towel with warm water.

- Leave the oil bath on the hair for half an hour or more.

- Wash the hair with a shampoo suitable for the hair type and then wash it well with water.


Note:  If the hair is greasy do not massage the scalp and spread the oil on all hair away from the roots.

• Olive oil and aloe Vera gel for hair extension

-  Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with an equal amount of aloe oil, then add half a teaspoon of wheat oil.


-  Take a little mixture and massage the scalp, then leave the mixture for half an hour on the head.

-  Wash the hair with shampoo and then water and repeat the process weekly.



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