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Oily Hair Care tips

Choosing the right shampoo:

The fatty shampoo needs to be careful in choosing the type of shampoo used to clean it, which plays a major role in increasing the fatty appearance often, as it should be used shampoo free of creams and oils without working on drying it excessively, so read additives Before shampooing.
Washing hair frequently: Cosmetic experts advise regular washing of oily hair so as not to accumulate fat on the scalp and give the hair an oily appearance, and wash the oily hair at a rate of two to three times a week is no more, as excessive washing of the hair may harm the hair, and cause ridding Hair is a natural oil that is beneficial to hair health and strength.


Moderately Exfoliating Shampoo:

Exfoliating shampoo is specially formulated to get rid of excess fat accumulation in the scalp, which is a good suggestion to care for oily hair, but to use it in moderation, so as not to completely eliminate the natural fat of the hair, and lead to breakage and dryness.


Rinse the hair with acidic:

proven advice to reduce the fatty hair and get rid of its oily appearance, as you can wash the hair with special shampoo, then rinse the hair with water added to the hanging vinegar, or lemon juice once a week, and vinegar by a spoonful per pint of a liter of water, the result will be Satisfying with a clean, oil-free appearance.



Do not over-comb the hair:

Notice the news of hair care that excessive combing of hair pushes the sebaceous glands with the scalp on the secretion of more fat and oils, which they give him an undesirable oily appearance, as well as the use of hot hair dryers frequently, so oily hair needs to comb moderately -Use warm dryers and only when necessary.
Reducing hair straightener: The use of hair straightening creams is a key factor in increasing the fatty hair because it contains in the basic composition of a large number of oils and creams to soften curly hair, so it is not recommended to use creams straightening too much or just necessary.


Note the quality of the food we eat:

It was noted that nutrition is linked to the health and appearance of hair, as it is recommended to reduce the intake of fatty foods high fat, which increases the proportion of body fat, which is excreted through the skin, especially for the owners of oily hair.


Use a conditioner with caution:

conditioner increases the nature of the composition of hair greasy, which will look on the appearance of the hair after washing quickly, as it is not recommended for those with oily hair unless the hair is very tangled, which is recommended to use the tips of the hair and away from the arrival of conditioner to the scalp, also can replace the conditioner With natural oils to nourish and soften hair such as olive oil, lettuce oil.


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    oily scalp
    Ameena 2/25/2020 9:44:35 AM Replay

    these tips are useful I tried many of them but could you please suggest some medical treatment for oily scalp because I want to get rid of it forever.

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