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There are hundreds of benefits that can be attributed to the development and growth of the internet. We can buy goods and engage in discourse with people who have the same interests as us. We are able to research information in a time frame that is astounding compared to what it would have taken fifteen years ago. We can review and recommend movies, plumbers, electricians, and books. Perhaps most incredible is our ability to share our experience with medical professionals for the good of other people. When we rate products we let the rest of the internet benefit from our mistakes and good decisions. There really is no better application of the massive amount of networking we now have. In fact we benefit as well because we receive the same information from other people when we need it.

All it takes to rate products is an opinion about a product and access to the internet. There are lots of sites that provide reviews, so you should search for one specific to you area first and then look to the larger community of online sites. You will often have to sign up for a free membership in the community so that you can have access to your reviews and those of others. Often it will remember your location and direct you to content catered to your area and interests. There are almost always content rules, so do not simply go on to a site to write a diatribe against someone you don't like for personal reasons. In fact, doing so reduces the quality of these reviews in general if people use them for libelous purposes. It is ideal to have these sites maintain truth and accuracy and not simply foster internet trolling.

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