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Oily skin care tips

Oily skin problems and ways to deal with?

Oily skin owners may think they were born with a permanent problem that is difficult to control and get rid of, and we find many of them have tried many cosmetic and medical treatments to no avail! Or their previous problems soon returned to their beginning after a period of time.

Be sure to use the right lotion

It is very important to choose the most suitable type of cleanser for your skin and make sure that your skin is cleaned and sterilized every morning and evening. Specialists are usually advised to use gentle cleansers on the skin and stay away from harsh soap options that may irritate the skin and increase the secretion of oils in the skin. It is also advised to avoid rubbing the face, especially when drying with a towel, this process may increase the secretion of skin oils, so be sure to dry your face gently while taking care to clean the towel and be private to you alone and no one else uses them as well.
When choosing a cleanser, the patron should contain one of the following acids, which are considered the most popular in the face of oils, balancing and acne treatment:
Benzoyl peroxide.
Salicylic acid.
Glycolic acid.
Beta-hydroxy acid.

We recommend that you choose any product that contains one of these acids to try it for a period of time to buy a small amount of it, if not effective and appropriate may turn to try another product.
As for the water you use to wash your face or skin, we do not recommend using hot water that may irritate the skin but use lukewarm water.



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