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Makeup Basics beginners

You wants to look attractive, attract attention, There is something natural and it is a part of our nature.


So how to go about applying makeup?

The secret ingredients are described briefly below. The amount of makeup depends on the occasion. A light makeup does well for informal occasions and heavy makeup for very important public occasions.

The foundation helps to create a smooth surface over which other products are then applied.



If you have dark circles and other marks, use a concealer to your advantage.



Wrinkles get hidden, and the ugliness takes on a new shine. This is what creates a smooth layer that attracts attention



help yourself If nature did not give you a natural blush. This defines the bone structure to prominence.



To obtain a glowing surface.


Lip liner:

Using it to Allows the lipstick to stay on longer.



The mouth is a major sexual attraction.

A variety of lipsticks are available glossy,  satin, or matte.



The eyes are what do the talking when you are still some distance away from talking to your mate.


Eye mascara and eye shadow:

Say you like her you’re your eyes first Enhance the appeal further to attract the mate.




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