Privacy & Security Will I start receiving "SPAM" mails when I subscribe in newsletter? No. Dyabox sends two types of emails to its members: customer service emails required to maintain the Dyabox program (like cash back credits & payment notifications); and promotional emails featuring especially good offers. What are "cookies"? And how can I activate it? Cookies are simply text files that allow a site to recognize you when you return. This means you don't have to log-in again and again. Cookies used by Dyabox and our network of stores are completely safe and they are enabled by default with most browsers. Will Dyabox sell information about me or my purchase habits? No. For more detailed information, please review our privacy policy. Are my transactions secure when going through Dyabox? Yes. Dyabox endeavors to work only with trusted stores providing high levels of security and using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) internet connections to protect the integrity of your transaction. What is Dyabox' privacy policy? Dyabox Personal data, or personal information as it is sometimes called, is data that relates to or is capable of identifying a living person. Account Holder privacy is very important to us and we do all we can to protect it. We at Dyabox know that protecting member privacy is essential to our success. Please take the time to review our complete Privacy Agreement.